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540-671-0485 ...Lawana
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Show Schedule for 2015  
September 12,2015 BRR&CC double show ~Charles Twn WV  (attending)                
NVRBA  Woodstock,VA  October 10,2015 ( attending )
Apple Country 11/14


We are located in Virginia 
We have been raising rabbits for 9 years and got introduced to the ARBA rabbit shows at the beginning of 2009. Since then we have devoted ourselves to raiseing rabbits for temperment as well as type and quality. Our rabbits are handled daily from the time they are born until the time they leave our rabbitry.

If you see TLL's or Tanners' on your rabbits pedigree it could be us : )
I am a proud member of the ARBA and have been since 2007
My Rabbitry # A343
I am also a member of LRCA * Lop Rabbit club of America  & * Northern Virginia Rabbit Breeders Association*

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ARBA Rabbit Shows
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Doswell Show December 2011
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Westminster, Md November 2010
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Charles Town
September 12, 2009
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Tanner's Lazy Lops
* Cute bunny Pictures*
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Jo's Gems Trickster
Charlie Mark Black Tort 
English lopFrosty English lopBlack & Rew English lopBroken Orange & Tort English lop kitsChinchilla English lopSable Point English lopRew English lop in santa suitEnglish lops in nestBroken Orange English lop KitEnglish lop kitsDazzle & her daughters WilburChallenger Sable Silver Tipped Steel Diamond with her kits
I wanted to post some of my Favorite pictures of my past and present rabbits
I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do : ) raising rabbits has been a wonderful experience.
Blue Otter & Black Otter Netherland DwarfsBlue Otter Netherland DwarfBroken Sable Point Holland lopBlue Eyed White Holland lopSmoke Pearl Netherland dwarfGiant ChinchillasGiant Chinchilla kitsTanners' Shawn Winchester, VaTanners' Marcus Now living in  El Salvador along with Tanners' Kerri Both are Holland lopsTanners' Alexandra Broken Black Tort Holland lop.
Now living in Culpeper with Abby & FamilyChestnut Netherland Dwarf Dazzle with her babiesBroken Blue Tort Vm Holland lop Buck. Jesse James & Sunny D Jr English lopsHolly my First Holland lop with her litter the First kit is TLL's Broken Sky who lives with Buttons & BowsBroken Chesnut Holland lop buck Netherland dwarf checking on her babiesEnglish lop babiesHolland lop Vm English lop Chinchilla Holland lop
Frosty - Squirrel - Broken Frosty *Holland Lops Kits*Squirrel - Frosty - Broken Frosty *Holland lop Kits* Squirrel Holland lop Squirrel Holland lopFrosty Holland lop Cleaning himselfBlack Tort Enligsh lopSquirrel Holland lop
PaSRBA February 4, 2012
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Open Show RoomYouth Show RoomOpen Show Open Show RoomOpen Show RoomCavy Show
Logos , Decals & More *links added*
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The start of 2014
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Velveteen lop I made from snow
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Here are a few different links for people who make decals


2013 & 2014 Rabbit Shows!
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Other than my rabbits I also have a love for photograpy here are a few pictures I have taken this year : )
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